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Just Another Story

From Another Former Scientologist?

If you think you've seen it all before, take another look. Author Chris Shugart likes to think of himself as the Forrest Gump of Scientology. He was both witness and activist in some of Scientology’s most defining moments. As the Church grew, it was also gaining notoriety. This was the era of deprogrammers, counter-intelligence operations, and the Guardians Office FBI raids. For thirty years, Chris took part in shady financial deals, Church sanctioned covert activities, and just about every ludicrous exploit in which a Scientologist could possibly participate.

This is a first hand account of events as they happened. The book also includes many after-the-fact retrospectives, as Shugart takes occasional moments to look back on a bewildering journey that transformed him into a militant Scientologist. Former members will find some of the stories familiar, as they see similar parallels to their own experiences. Those less acquainted with Scientology will gain some insights into the Church organization and its policies, as well as L. Ron Hubbard's "applied religious philosophy" that his fanatical followers so zealously promote.

Fractured Journey is more than just an insider's tell-all of the strange world of Scientology. It's an intimate perspective into the mindset of the true believers, those fervent disciples of fanatical religious movements, extremist political organizations, and trendy social revolutions. For them, no end is greater, and therefore no means too severe.