Meet Chris Shugart

For thirty years, Chris Shugart was a Scientology member in good standing. In that time he achieved the spiritual state of Clear and OT, did extensive study in the delivery of Scientology processes, and became an ordained minister. Shugart was also a staff member at a prominent Scientology Mission in Los Angeles which included comprehensive training in the organizational policies and operations of the Church.

In addition to Mission staff, Shugart did volunteer work for the Guardian's Office and later for the Office of Special Affairs. Between 1986 and 1993 Shugart ran his own printing and graphics shop and worked with many of the mid-management executives of major departments within the Scientology organization, printing their promotional and administrative material.

Through the years, Shugart gave money to the Church for various services, a Mission franchise, and many donations to the International Association of Scientologists. The total would eventually amount to nearly three hundred thousand dollars. It's no overstatement to say that Chris Shugart engaged in nearly everything in which a Scientologist could possibly participate.