A Letter From L. Ron Hubbard

I wrote about a dozen letters to Hubbard, mostly when I was on Mission staff. All letters to him would get a signed reply. There was some speculation whether or not Hubbard actually wrote them. The popular consensus was that he read the letters, but he dictated the replies for others to write. Then the completed replies would be given to him to sign.

Many Scientology skeptics and critics believe that Hubbard never read the letters nor composed the replies. In fact some go as far as claiming that he didn't even sign them. I'm sure there are some old-timers out there that could shed some light on this. It does seem doubtful that Hubbard was actively involved in this kind of correspondence.

I don't recall what I wrote, but based on the reply, I'm sure it reflected an attitude that conveyed a militant and aggressive posture. I was a loyal warrior fighting the good fight against those who opposed us. I had a strong "us versus them" mindset that drove much of my activity.