"Science of Survival"
Book Promo

Most of the material that came out of our Department of Promotion and Marketing was collaborative. One lady who worked in the Public Relations Office (known as the PRO Unit) was a graphic artist and illustrator. My Department assistant did design and production. We had a part-time designer who worked evenings who was an ad exec for a large retail department store chain. I thought we put out a lot of quality promo

As the head of the department, I wrote most of the copy and worked as the art director. Every now and then I'd get a chance for a solo effort. Although the PRO Unit was supposed to oversee and approve all of our promo, I always thought that my best work occurred when they weren't so involved. I somehow managed to sneak this one past them. I had a humorous style that I believed made for effective ads. Unfortunately, humor is frowned upon when it comes to Church activities.